A Bit about Us

Alley Cats Preschool is a Spanish immersion school located in the heart of Marina Del Rey. Our children range between the ages of 1 and 5 1/2.

At Alley Cats, we believe it is essential to provide young minds with a multicultural education so that children can learn to show appreciation for each other’s differences. As the children follow their daily schedule of classes and activities, they will become familiarized with the Spanish language as they engage with teachers, during outdoor free play, through stories, songs, and music classes. At this young age, children are able to quickly understand phrases and vocabulary, and begin to speak and respond in Spanish.

Our daily activities include exploration in music, art, dance, drama, cooking, ecology, astrology, geography, science, technology, language, literature, writing, social studies, math, Spanish, yoga, and other sports, too. Our beautiful in-home preschool is enhanced by the surroundings of the community, including but not limited to: the beach, the fire station, Lloyd Taber-Marina Del Rey library, Mother’s Beach, and the Marina, of course. They all offer many lessons of their own on our frequent walks and field trips.

Our bilingual curriculum also emphasizes social skills, including: building friendships, respect for others, conflict resolution, and advocating for one’s needs and ideas.

By leading with kindness, our small staff of qualified teachers and assistants can guide our children through experiences that help them develop a healthy attitude for learning, so they may continue to grow, love, and shine.