Our Philosophy

At Alley Cats we believe academics for young children should be structured to emphasize the social context of learning.

Our distinguishable curriculum is based upon Lev Vygotsky’s theories that both teachers and older, or more experienced children play very important roles in learning.

We value Vygotsky’s brand of social constructivism because he emphasized the critical importance of culture and the importance of the social context for cognitive development. Our goal is to create a culture of peace through which children can discover the cognitive tools needed for development, specific to their needs, from our single-classroom facility. At Alley Cats, we celebrate diversity because we believe it is essential to provide children with a multicultural perspective. It provides children with the foundation they need to build their self-esteem and identity, so they can grow and develop into their fullest potential. As educators and caregivers, we believe we are instrumental to your child’s development. We have made it our focus to enhance their time at Alley Cats by fostering a warm and positive learning environment, and a community in which to, grow, love, and shine.